Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 1

Today started off pretty well. I had a green smoothy that was better then it sounds. Actually I could go so far as to say it was good. Really satisfying to, I put hemp protein powder in it which was quite filling. Lunch was pretty good too, I started craving something sweet afterwards and had some dates and nuts. I will be having dinner with a friend at a local raw restaurant, which should be good. All in all, today was not too painful; except several hours after breakfast the rebel inside myself drew me into my local cafe opened my mouth and announced that I would like to order a medium coffee. Soy milk and honey got poured into the coffee which then poured into my mouth. I am not going to lie it was very great! I decided last night that I am going to enjoy this. I am going to make good food and enjoy blogging and feeling good rather torment myself if that rebel in me is unleashed. I heard the longer your raw, the less you want other foods - so I'll just let it come to me. 
Its all going really well and I am glowing and vibrant and I have already lost five pounds......just kiddin, its only been 7 hours!


  1. good luck on your fun raw journey!


  2. Good luck with this! You have a great attitude about it, which is a sign that you will probably meet your goal. Thanks for sharing!

  3. enjoy and good luck. interesting that your doctor approved it, she/he must be well educated in nutrition.